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two hundred and forty-five.

Belated The Hour feelings; Lix Storm is perfect in all the ways and basically needs her own show. I adore Romola as Bel; I feel like she's honestly one of the most talented actresses of her age and she's really outdone herself this year between this and Crimson Petal. She's just consistently blown me away this year. And OONA CHAPLIN, oh god, you unexpected queen of my heart. She's going to be macking on Richard Madden soon? THINGS I CAN APPROVE OF. Basically, this show is all about how women are consistently the best creatures. I love all of them and how different and full and layered they are, ugh, perfect writing and casting, show.

The boys are lovely as well and I like the triangle though I suppose I'm on the outskirts of fandom for not hating Hector. He's absurd, of course but I quite like it and his sort of smug, almost weak dickishness plays off nicely with Freddie's pretensions. I do find the show frustrating in the sense that the one male character I want to see most of it Professor Jamie Parker and he got offed ten minutes in! Where is the justice in that? I was hoping for extended flashbacks at the very least; spies who are also acadmemics and also having dirty secret affairs and are also shaped like Jamie Parker. What about this isn't my favourite thing. (why can't I have nice things, why does television hate me, etc).

OH, and of course the political backdrop. This show work so well as a period piece because it incorporates it's surroundings perfectly, with the Suez Crisis and Hector's interview and just, this is why any comparisons to Mad Men are false; I loved MM in it's prime but it's never been capable of this kind of intelligent inclusion of of political and social backdrop. It generally tends to use the "keeping it in period" card as a get out of jail for misogyny and racism.

Basically; this show is perfect, I have all the feelings and I felt like my heart was in my mouth for the whole of the finale. Such an exquisite, high strung finish, show, brava.

I wrote fic! playing revisionist historian. hector; hector/bel.

And stolen from everywhere:

Give me a pairing
An AU setting (i.e., they work at colonial Williamsburg! they are on a spaceship! they are meteorologists and a hurricane is coming!
And I will write you three lines of fic.
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fic: playing revisionist historian.

playing revisionist historian.
the hour.
hector madden, bel/hector. things hector has learned from the business. This is his distance from the everyone else he works with - their hypotheses are about far flung lands and far flung wars and his are only selfish and small. 1800 words.
notes: i would write fic about hector madden, lol. i know he isn't particularly popular with the fandom but i sort of love this dickbag, so there you have it. this is probably self indulgent but so is he, so it's fine.

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I wish I could say I have thoughts, even feelings on Osama being found and killed that were separate from fear, I wish I could talk about this in a rational manner but I can't. I don't have internet at my uni house so I heard about it this morning from my mother and I am glad, I am glad for the relief that the people who suffered at the hands of Al Qaeda's terrorism, particularly during the attacks at 9/11 feel and my heart goes out to them. Obama's speech was wonderful and it was tempered and I'm sure many people were proud of it.

It cannot, however, be an instance that brings me unabated joy because my stomach is in knots. Osama was found in Abbotabad, a sleepy, privileged town in Pakistan that is far from the outlawed North West Frontier province that we'd believed him to be in and already, the geographical significance of his whereabouts is making itself abundantly clear and the blame game has begun. I cannot in anyway support the Pakistani government or the ISI and I never have done but the international media and also, the Western powers in general have a long, muddied history of being unable to separate a government from its people. Pakistan is not one entity. It is a country. A country made up of many people who feel different things, who react to things differently, it is a country, it is perhaps more fragmented and more fractured than any other country in the world. It is not a monolithic entity. No land is.

The implication that is being bandied about that Pakistan mourns his death or that the Pakistani people as a whole were hiding him is absurd and more than that it is dangerous, it is terrifying to me because the entire reaction to this event has been quartered into either a celebration that devalues the effect that this event has on any country other than America or to attack Pakistan for its role. The country has already been under drone attacks, however little they may be publicized. These have formerly stuck to the more provincial areas. My natural reaction is to think that they may now progress to the much more densely populated cities. I really hope I'm wrong. If they progress into any part of Punjab, the country might not survive it given that the bulk of our revenue is situated there.

Ironically, political commentators are already struggling to unravel the myth as to how Pakistan could possibly be a victim of terror given that it has housed a criminal leader for so long. Simultaneously, Al Qaeda has declared war on Zadari's government. I wonder if this will mean attacking and killing leaders or just mindlessly blowing up mosques and places of work in our cities. This is the devil and the deep blue sea. I don't see an escape route.

Simon Tisdall of The Guardian has already called Osama an iconic figure in the Muslim world. I know of no Muslim who considered him a hero, which is not to belie that some must exist but to call them anything but the extremists and fundamentalist that they must be is -- I don't know what it is. I am out of words.

If anyone with more expertise or knowledge on the matter wants to elaborate my understanding or correct any mistakes I have made, they are free to do so. I will only appreciate it.
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two hundred and twenty two.

If there is a bandwagon in sight, I will inevitably jump on it. Come at me, friends.

THE MAKEOUT MEME: Pick a pairing from any fandom/rpf, and come up with a location and/or situation, and I will write you between 50 and 250 words about the kiss that happened in that context.
THRONES | we together make a limb

mix: bride of war.


a song of ice and fire. cersei lannister (cersei/jaime). short! mix, loosely chronicling her narrative through the books. some spoilers. notes: this is a result of lena headey blowing me away as cersei and basically being the physical incarnation of everything i wanted from the character.

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two hundred and fourteen.

Hours spent revising today: zero. Hours spent writing fic/messing about on the internet: indefinite.

I loathe myself. But I will probably be bouncing around here for the rest of the month anyway, so if you have prompts, come at me bro. There is a lot of Parent Trap on tumblr. I may watch that and eat breakfast foods, heheh. (tumblr, you crack me up.)

beatae memoriae
the borgias.
lucrezia borgia, cesare/lucrezia. we don't belong here.
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if i was a spy (in the world inside your head)
the west wing.
cj/toby. a long string of poor decisions.
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a song of ice and fire.
jaime/cersei. "we were only children when it was summer."
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