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picspam + mix: ada or ardor.


casting by martyr4mylove4u and myself; with help from marketchippie.

Ada or Ardor is Vladimir Nabokov's longest novel; it is an incestuous love story and our personal favourite of his works; it combines his glorious prose with one of his most ambitious ideas, a large, fire breathing dragon of a story that twists time and history to its will. Below is our casting and a mix that follows the general line of the story; this was actually a really difficult book to cast because I left the novel with such clear cut ideas of how I saw the characters, very vivid pictures in my mind and it was hard to find actors who matched up to that. In the end, we've picked people who we think could pick up the kind of demeanor that their character requires of them and worked with that. If you haven't read this yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Pick up a copy and go.


(maria valverde)

The eyes. Ada’s dark brown eyes. What (Ada asks) are eyes anyway?
Two holes in the mask of life.

(louis garrel)

"Ada, our ardors and arbors”—a dactylic trimeter that was to remain
Van Veen’s only contribution to Anglo-American poetry—sang through
his brain. Bless the starling and damn the stardust! He was fourteen
and a half; he was burning and bold; he would have her fiercely some day!

(holliday grainger)

With a rake’s morose gaze we follow the pure proud line of that
throat, of that tilted chin. The glossy red lips are parted, avid
and fey, offering a side gleam of large upper teeth.

(jeremy irons)

Demon preferred Walter Scott to Dickens and did not think highly
of Russian novelists.

(helena bonham carter)

“I used to love history,” said Marina, “I loved to identify myself with famous women.”

(helena bonham carter)

Demon Veen married Aqua Durmanov—out of spite and pity, a not unusual blend.

(juno temple)

She was not a bright little girl. But she was a loquacious
and really quite exciting little girl.

(armie hammer)


This is supposed to loosely chronologically follow the story but I picked some of the songs because I thought they captured the mood of the book as I saw it, very lush and lyrical but still with a deep emotional core. It is meant to start, as the book does with a light commentary on the nature of families and then veer into the intimate and intricate relationship between Ada and Van.

+ cousins [vampire weekend]

(me and my couins and you are your cousins
its a line that's always running)
if your art life is gritty you'll be toasting my health
if an interest in culture should be lining the walls
when your birth right is interest you could just accrue it all
(you can turn your back on the bitter world)

+ ada [the national]

ada, put the sounds of your house in a song
try to be speechless for a minute
if you think you gonna faint go out in the hallway
let them all have your neck
ada hold onto yourself by the sleeves
i think everything counts a little more than we think

+ she's all mine, i think [pale young gentlemen]

i often think on early days
and why I never left this place.
all my young ambitious plans
are buried in these callused hands.

+ savages [the indelicates]

the tear on your cheek
will fall ignored by the suckers to fake romance
and the hope in your heart
it will be dashed on the shore of this deadly island darling
you know that there’s no place for us
we’ll build and we’ll sweat
but there’s no place for us
no Ithaca, no home, we are greeks in the age of rome

+ shut up (i am dreaming of places where lovers have wings) [sunset rubdown]

you're on the distant shore!
i send my feet down
down do you hear knuckles
on your door. do you understand
what i'm looking for? oh,
oceans never listen to us anyway.
and if I fall into the drink,
i will say your name, before I sink.
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