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dear yuletide writer.

Hello, there! Yuletide virgin here but I'm so excited to be doing this! Thought I'd start of a with a general introductions of things I like to read and then veer on to fandom specific things.

stories i love: I absolute adore reading things that handle dark, slightly creepy subjects with a light, clever tone - things that keep you guessing. I enjoy witty one liners, snappy characterisation, stories that balance dialogue and prose well. I'm always pleased when writers make an effort to capture the essence of the fandom without compromising their own authorial voice in the process. I like unconventional ships, often ones involving incest but of course that's not everyone's cup of tea so unless you're up for it, I'm not too fussy. I'm a fan well balanced narratives and strong female voices.

I prefer stories that deal more with the aftermath of dramatic events than the occurrences themselves - all the bittersweet tension that creeps up when old friends or ex lovers meet again.

Aaron Tyler is my favorite character on this show and I have the unfortunate tendency of shipping him with his sister (Jaye, that is, not Sharon), so if you could write me some fic about how they've secretly been having sex all along you will be my favorite person on the planet. I also love Sharon, so anything about her would be equally satisfactory.smut would make my life.

Lily Moscovitz. I want to be told how well this bitch does with the rest of her life, so future fic would be great but I wouldn't say not to Lily centered fic within the established canon. Also, I ship her with Boris so I'd love it if you could make that happen.

Mary Louise Parker and Bradley Whitford. Having an affair during filming. Having an affair after filming. UST-ing at each other while she makes fun of his Studio 60 hair. I don't know, I don't care, just go for it and make me happy. I'd like fic that characterises their dynamic and banter, please.
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