September 20th, 2011

ACT | loose lips sink ships



"The perennial sadness of a girl who is both Death and the Maiden."

A comment!ficathon centered around the idea of retelling fairytales; either by putting them in a different setting, changing the way they end or just giving the story a new skin of words. Anything goes; you can be as wild or tame as you like in the fairytales that you choose to prompt, Brother's Grimm is fine, if you want to prompt a fairytale with less commonly known origins go ahead.

1. Post prompts and lots of them! These can be in any format; you can post a fairytale and have a prompt with it in the form of a quote or song lyric. It is equally acceptable to add any caveats or situations you can think of. (eg. Snow White, your skin was like a bowl collecting blood is just as acceptable as "Snow White and the dwarves, mafia!AU" or "Snow White and the dwarves, mafia!AU, your skin was like a bowl collecting blood")
2. Despite the title, there's no specific restriction to what you prompt; mythology, folklore, etc. all comes under the branch.
3. If there's an obscure fairytale you like or one that's part of a less known tradition, feel free to prompt! All are welcome and if you'd like to you could either provide a short bare-bones description of what the story is so that someone else can interpret it or link to a place that has a version posted, that's cool. For example, if I wanted to prompt a story about the Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal but thought it was something most people wouldn't know, I could post my prompt with a link to the Wikipedia entry (or similarly, any other place that has the Cliff Notes version.
4. Responses should be titled in the following format -
pairing/character, fairytale, title if there is one, rating.

(e.g. snow white/huntsman, snow white, i think the kids are in trouble, r.)
5. Write, drink and be merry! If writing isn't your thing, feel free to grab a seat any way and leave prompts and feedback. Invite your friends! Pimp it all over town! Let's get our Angela Carters on, shall we?