April 3rd, 2011

ACT | loose lips sink ships

two hundred and fourteen.

Hours spent revising today: zero. Hours spent writing fic/messing about on the internet: indefinite.

I loathe myself. But I will probably be bouncing around here for the rest of the month anyway, so if you have prompts, come at me bro. There is a lot of Parent Trap on tumblr. I may watch that and eat breakfast foods, heheh. (tumblr, you crack me up.)

beatae memoriae
the borgias.
lucrezia borgia, cesare/lucrezia. we don't belong here.
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if i was a spy (in the world inside your head)
the west wing.
cj/toby. a long string of poor decisions.
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a song of ice and fire.
jaime/cersei. "we were only children when it was summer."
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