February 14th, 2011

ACT | loose lips sink ships

two hundred and four.

Happy Valentines day, livejournal, o light of my life that you are. I spent my evening watching a documentary with my father about how many people think Muslims want to take over Europe and therefore, it is vital to expel us from their continent (and hopefully off the face of the earth while you're at it.) This was then followed by Donald Trump's pitch for President on Larry King or some other such thing (wasn't paying attention) so it has been a thoroughly xenophobic evening all around. I find it funny that I always get asked if I find it scary living in a country like Pakistan ut no one asks me if I find it scary living in a society where a significant and ever growing chunk of the population thinks my presence there is an abomination?

Anyway, when I came down from my spiral of terror and disbelief (how are people so ignorant, I do not know) I promised Iva (martyr4mylove4u) that I'd make her a list of books about Pakistan so I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else was interested? This is a quick run down of my top few favourite books with a list of writers of fiction + non fiction at the bottom. By no means definitive, I am notoriously lax in this area of reading.

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