January 24th, 2011

ACT | loose lips sink ships

picspam: the godfather reboot.


So, martyr4mylove4u and I have been talking about this Godfather reboot for a very long time and I decided it was time to picspam it. Be warned, this is not meant to actually recreate the Godfather. This is a backdrop for our own retelling of it, one that revolves around Sonny and Connie and the narrative that never got told and it updates their story to give Connie more of a role. Most of the story is told in we're never gonna catch any daylight but to cap for those of you who haven't read it: Connie becomes more a part of the family than just a sister and wife and most of the story is about her coming of age, there's an incestuous affair and a lot of intrigue? Haha, come see what we did!

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