January 1st, 2011

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fic: make me dance (i want to surrender)

make me dance (i want to surrender)
(500) days of summer
summer finn; summer/husband. 4223 words. r-ish. written for yuletide. this is not the beginning. this is only the meeting of two people, one of whom you already know, a little and the other? the other is a stranger to you. originally posted here

notes: i wanted so badly to talk about this story at my journal while i was writing it since i know many of the people on my flist like the film but of course, i couldn't. it's sort of my attempt at working the "husband" into the narrative and also, sort of showcasing the way i see summer, who gets more hate than i think she deserves. also! i was picturing armie hammer as the husband the whole time, so that should be a helpful reference point, i hope.

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