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mix: this place is full of spies.

this place is full of spies.
pan am.
a kate cameron mix. mostly spy shenanigans but some laura, niko, etc. this became a lot angstier than i expected given how light hearted the show is but, sadly, there don't seem to be very many songs in my library about how much fun it is to be a spy.

I will never be without information, she determined. I will do better than my sisters. If a bird or any other beast comes out of that uncanny republic where husbands are grown, I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love. For this was how Marya Morevna surmised that love was shaped: an agreement, a treaty between two nations that one could either sign or not as they pleased.
[DEATHLESS, catherynne m. valente]

if i am lost for a day, try to find me
but if i don't come back, then i won't look behind me

+ HUMAN - oh land
i don't like you human, you remind me of
the things i hate in me, show me how imperfect i can be

keep one eye on the bag, keep one eye on the door
never expect to be sure who you're working for

+ PRIVATE AFFAIR - the virgins
but she's always avoided falling in love
it's due to the life of a private affair

+ DIET MTN DEW - lana del rey
take another drag, turn me to ashes
ready for another lie

+ I DIDN'T SEE IT COMING - belle & sebastian
make me dance, i want to surrender
your familiar arms i remember
we've been going transcontinental

+ DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE - bitter: sweet
tasting only sweet, drinking memories of you
your hand touches my cheek as you whisper softly,
"don't forget to breathe"

+ YOUTH KNOWS NO PAIN - lykke li
come on, honey, give yourself completely
and do it all although you can't believe it

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