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Snagged from slybrunette.

Comment with: a day, a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt, and I will write at least 300 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom you know I'm familiar with is fair game, though I reserve the right to ask for a different prompt if you pick something I don't feel comfortable writing, or a fandom I haven't been into in a long time.

Right, kids, do your worst: I'm determined to at least try and get this done this year so come grab a spot or two!

December 1 - RPF, Marion Cotillard - three broken promises and one that was kept for vinylroad
December 2 - Undecided for anythingbutgrey
December 3 - The Godfather, Sonny/Connie/Tom - these words have never meant to anyone as they now mean to me for workswithwords
December 4 -
December 5 - RPF, Oona Chaplin/Richard Madden - it's just dry lightning and you on my mind for yon_lougawou
December 6 - The Borgias, Giulia/Micheletto - she lent him her daggers and never got them back for cloudytea
December 7 -
December 8 - The West Wing, Josh/Amy - and I get lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet for slybrunette
December 9 -
December 10 -
December 11 - Historical, Elizabeth I/Leicester - Sing said the cardinal. Sing said the knife. for martyr4mylove4u
December 12 - Gossip Girl, Nate/Vanessa - play it as it lays for viennawaits
December 13 - Gossip Girl, Dan/Blair - candy canes for fiddlings
December 14 -
December 15 - RPF, Toby Stephens/Rebecca Hall - The Nutcracker by sophieisgod
December 16 -
December 17 - Folktales, Marya Morevna/Koschei - present day or 1960's Moscow for marketchippie
December 18 -
December 19 - The Hour, Lix Storm - Nobody's Girl Friday for disco_vendetta
December 20 - Gossip Girl, Blair (AU) for lareinenoire
December 21 - Fairytales, Sleeping Beauty - the sad truth is the truth is sad for lookinglassgirl
December 22 - The Black Donellys, Tommy/Jenny - when I go, bury me with nothing but my own skin for martyr4mylove4u
December 23 -
December 24 -
December 25 - The West Wing, CJ/Toby - here shall John always stumble; there shall Jane's heart always break for martyr4mylove4u
December 26 -
December 27 -
December 28 - Game of Thrones, Sansa - you can't erase who you are. you can't erase what you know for lookinglassgirl
December 29 - RPF, Rosamund Pike/Sam Crane, rhinoceros! for marketchippie
December 30 -
December 31 - RPF, Matt/Karen - I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best for martyr4mylove4u
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