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That part of a ficathon where you get a cup of coffee or something and sit down and read and let the writers know that you love them. This was such a great turnout guys, not just in terms of number but also quality because holy hell, this is all so fantastic. Maybe we should make this an annual thing. There is no better time than autumn for fairy tales, methinks. Also, give me a heads up if I've missed your fic and I'll add it to the list!

little red riding hood, filthy creature (got the mark of the beast), sayonaradarling
cinderella, the evil step sisters, lungs and lips locked, marketchippie
rapunzel, put your spine in your back, martyr4mylove4u
snow white/little red riding hood, your soul as it floats, corleones
hansel and gretel, we are waiting to be lit, corleones
aschenputtle (step mother), you gave me a necklace to wear as a noose, cityhallcupcake
lilith, i hate the ending myself, onehoureternity
bella venezia, genius and the thieves, ghostinsweats
little red riding hood, show you what all that howl is for, yon_lougawou
beauty and the beast (genderswap), nights into words, corleones
the wise little girl, the thrice ninth kingdom, marketchippie
swan lake (odette), untitled, churchillclaps
cinderella (stepmother) her hollow ways, ghostinsweats
the girl with the red ribbon, we are spun from flesh and blood, discolemonaaade
the princess and the pea, a fragile word, blancwene
bluebeard (genderswap), untitled, vega_ofthe_lyre
pygmalion (artist/muse), the holy light shines on the things you have done, corleones
snow white (wicked queen), i'll be your mirror, marketchippie
orestes, be sure you wanna know what you wanna know, disco_vendetta
hansel and gretel, dark but festive, martyr4mylove4u
snow white and rose red, sailor songs, marketchippie
the three little pigs, untitled, disco_vendetta
cinderella, stairsteps, prohibitionism
snow white, irradiate, vega_ofthe_lyre
snow white, in holy matrimony (a lover's address), cityhallcupcake
how the devil married three sisters, untitled, oldseafarer
the little mermaid, what the water gave me, yon_lougawou
the little mermaid, i will be the rocks, i will be the water, ghostinsweats
the odyssey (penelope), like a torch, wavering, ghostrunner7
the pied piper, a doll that could stand up and dance, sidonay
peter pan, just because you've forgotten doesn't mean you're forgiven, amorfati1013
little red riding hood, out of the box and out of line, ghostrunner7
peter pan, but what am i, just a body in your bed, clockwork_jo
vasilisa the beautiful, your last serving daughter, corleones
persephone (hades/persephone), our confessions are silent, cityhallcupcake
cupid and psyche, untitled, bob5fic
tam line (janet/fairy queen), my love is a river of night, ghostrunner7
little red riding hood (crusades), alike each day, huntsmonsters
hansel and gretel, softly stretch the hours, yon_lougawou
snow white, we call it master and servant, ghostinsweats
the twelve dancing princesses, cats and kittens, yon_lougawou
the illiad (oenone), untitled, lareinenoire
greek myth (apollo/cassandra), the sex, the drugs, and the complications, bluerosefairy
greek myth (cassandra), my life is a candle and a wick, corleones
baba yaga, the marrows and the fringes, marty4mylove4u
rumplestiltskin, moonshine blues, yon_lougawou
marya morevna, the splinter in my fingertip, corleones
Tags: fic: masterlist, ficathon: bastardized fairytales

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