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fic: bodies in verse.

bodies in verse
gossip girl
dan/blair. r. 1200 words He reads her body like a book, the different chapters of Blair Waldorf unravelling in front of him.
notes: yes, i have seen the promo and yes, i do find the idea of the dan/blair: bad!sex storyline just as hilarious as everyone else does but i thought i'd write corrective smut in advance anyway. what is shame.

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ACT | loose lips sink ships

fic: a vision of veils.

a vision of veils.
the borgias.
lucrezia/cesare. pg. 1100 words. They have learned long ago to know each other only by touch.
notes: based on new promo stuff for the second season. masks! siblings! catharsis! spoilers for the last season, etc. argh, i miss this show and i need it to come back to me.

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mix: this place is full of spies.

this place is full of spies.
pan am.
a kate cameron mix. mostly spy shenanigans but some laura, niko, etc. this became a lot angstier than i expected given how light hearted the show is but, sadly, there don't seem to be very many songs in my library about how much fun it is to be a spy.

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rpf: youth novels.

youth novels.
oona chaplin/richard madden. 1600 words. college!au. he had let stories about childhood sweethearts trick him.
notes: for yon_lougawou as part of my round of holiday fics. sorry this is so late and additionally, i'm not sure what this is, haha. (the product of too little sleep, perhaps?) anyway; college kids! hamlet! tears! (/spoiler)

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